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Mckenzy Airre
My Odd Life
Hi, my name is Mckenzy Airre.I'm 15 and from the UK. I kind of have an odd life.I spend my time playing video games or on the internet.I love to chat.Stick around to here my life success' and fails. ...
Jenny is in town!
Hey guys and girls, hit me up if you want to chat I just got back from the doctors and he put a needle in my arm. I don't like needles I nearly fainted. I might cook some chilli :D
str8 edge
chatrooms re-active usees
it says theres lots of usesrs but you dont see that many in chat, the problem is people have problems getting in a room or find it too complicated, I too am having problems and cant get on so your not...
How to be Successful in politics - no effort required
This is a little late but as I haven’t written a blog for a long time I thought I would manufacture another instalment of my delightfully incoherent ramblings for the fans: both of them. I do not pay ...