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Topic: Love

ThatGirlJess(whos single)
Hey! All sexy people welcome. Hotties should be with hotties right?...
Topics: Love
about love and life
I never let go. I will give my shoulders for you. Let me love you by myself, even though i know, it will hurts me, because you don’t love me yet. Maybe, this is the way to show to you that i really wa...
Topics: love
An update on "My Biggest Regret"
So, I thought I'd just give an update on procedings since I confessed my biggest regret last week. I have had some thoughts from people, and it was much appreciated (thanks guys!). So, last week, wh...
Topics: Love, life, social
My Biggest Regret
My biggest regret, what can I say about her? I guess that I should probably start from the beginning... Growing up, I was very sensitive, and whenever I gave into this sensitivity, I was told to "man...
Topics: Love, Life, Social, Help
The Lamb
Bear with me, I only wrote this yesterday in 10 minutes, but feedback & comments would be much appreciated...and no I'm not into beastiality!!! "Let me be your shepherd, Let me call you in. I'll ca...
Topics: Poetry, Love, Humour, Animals
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