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Privacy Concerns?

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Posted April 11, 2012 by Moose
Category: Website Help
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Information on Privacy, default settings, my options and how protected is my content.

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Posted April 11, 2012 by Moose
First, let's define the private and public areas of the site:

Public: Pages, Blogs, Photos, Forum, Videos, Arcade, Questions and of course, the public chat rooms.

The above areas are considered as communal in which all members can communicate and have access to each others content. You can manually set these restrictions yourself via the Privacy settings page.

Private sections are everything else, communication between your friends and you, your profile etc.

By default, the Private sections of the site are set as Friends Only, so if you've just signed up and not modified the Privacy settings, your profile is set a bit to strict in order to get involved with the rest of the community and it's recommended to remove some of the restriction on your Privacy settings if you're here to make new friends.

The following settings are available to you when modifying your Privacy options:

Community - This means all registered members of
Friends Only - This means only friends of your profile.
No One - This means nobody, completely blocked from everyone except Administrators.
Anyone - This means no restriction at all, even Guests (people who are browsing through without an account) can view the content.

To check/modify your Privacy settings, go to:

Account (top right corner of every page) >> Privacy Settings.

If you have further concerns that aren't addressed, use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of every page to drop us a line.

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Michael Reece Jr.
Posted November 23, 2012 by Michael Reece Jr.
clik on account on the top right corner of ur screen then click privacy settings in the drop down menu this is where u can choose who can view ur shit