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What are Activity Points for?

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Posted April 11, 2012 by Moose
Category: Website Help
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Activity Points are rewards for your contribution to the site, you're allocated a specific amount of points depending on the action.

Below are the list of actions and rewards:

Comments: 1 Point
Inviting Friends: 5 Points

New Blog: 1 Point
Forum Posts: 1 Point
Page Creation: 1 Point
Adding Photos: 1 Point
Adding Videos: 1 Point

New Highscore: 1 Point
Tournament 1st Place: 1 Point
Challenges: You decide (When you issue a challenge or are challenged by another member, you choose how many points you wish to gamble. The winner takes all the points.)

Posting a Question: 1 Point
Posting an Answer: 1 Point
+1 on your Question: 1 Point
+1 on your Answer: 1 Point
Best Answer: 1 Point

UNOFFICIAL - The reporting of illegal content, site bugs or anything general the Adminstrators should know about, will also earn you points. The amount is at the sole discretion of the Administrator that deals with your case.

Point hoarders (people who mass post pointless content to gather as many points as possible) will be reduced to minus 10,000 points.

When content is deleted by either you or an Administrator, you will loose the same amount of points you earned by posting that content.

Why are there Activity Points in the first place?

In time, you will be able to exchange/spend your activity points on virtual goods, whether it be a private chat room in the chat server that you can moderate, make your friends moderators and set your own rules, or upgrade to a specific membership type which gives you perks over the standard registered user membership package.

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Posted November 9, 2012 by ChitChat
Loose should be lose.

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Michael Reece Jr.
Posted November 23, 2012 by Michael Reece Jr.
play the game or the game plays u