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Free chat rooms for your local area and all over the UK. Connect with new people around you!
UkChat is a social network/chat site that was designed for making friends. Although it may share many functional and visual similarities to FaceBook, we are nothing like the FaceBook social network everyone knows and loves.

To access, you don't necessarily have to register with us, at the registration section of the site, click the 'FaceBook' button, and an account will be created for you based on your FaceBook credentials. Don't worry, doesn't use ALL of your FaceBook information, and none of it is accessible to the public or other members of the community unless you set it that way in the Privacy Settings.

What are the primary differences between UkChat and FaceBook?

#1) UkChat is a free chat room web site. We offer the ability to not only talk with your friends from any page with the footer chat bar, but our public chat rooms allow you to talk with any member of the community, should you want to in a global setting.

#2) Privacy. By default we have a lot stricter settings with regards to who see's your content. Unlike FaceBook, we've locked access to your content with the default setting "Friends Only" and you're responsible for allowing the community into your content. Only when posting in the public areas of the site can your content be seen, these areas are clearly marked and you have the ability to privatize all your content in the public areas when posting.

#3) UkChat is primarily focused on users making new friends, rather than connecting with existing ones. We believe that the pub, snooker hall, school and all other offline social places are where you should be connecting with your friends, not behind a screen. Our primary goal is to connect you with other members of the community who are like minded or live near you, you decide.

So how can you make new friends? by access the public areas of the website, such as the chat rooms, forums, blogs and many more.

UkChat is also accessible from any mobile phone using our mobile site. The URL can be found at the bottom right corner of the page, but accessing us through your mobile phone will automatically load the mobile site.

Like Games? we have a high scoring Arcade with over 34 thousand games. Most games are high score compatible so you can compete with other members of the community. We also have tournaments where you can setup a competition and win activity points. Like a challenge? You can challenge and gamble activity points with your friends.

Activity points are the currency at, you accumulate activity points when submitting content to the site, at a later date you'll be able to exchange these points for virtual good like chat room ownership and membership upgrades.

We have a chat room for every major region or city in the UK, as well as chat rooms by sexuality, interest and general chat rooms. You can choose to chat with people close to you, with the same interests as you or chat with anyone about anything.